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  • Hi QCC Peeps

    Welcome to CIS134!!!    

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  • Social Media Marketing in Worcester – Pratt Trucking

    Pratt Trucking sees big gains in Social Media Likes/Reach Pratt Trucking partnered with us at the end of February, looking for help in reaching both current customers and attracting new leads/customers through Facebook. When we started with them, they had just 140 likes - with most of them coming from friends and family of the owner/manager. In just one short month, we were able to streamline their social media ...

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  • Facebook’s Latest Changes – What you need to know

    Facebook is changing yet again. . . Facebook puts more emphasis on the mobile web, with bigger images, and consistency between platforms In a recent press conference,  Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change to the way Facebook will look and behave,  marking the first major overhaul of Facebook since the Timeline update of 2011. You can view the "new" Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed This ...

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  • Massachusetts Web Designs teams with The Ruby Roger’s Center

    As part of Massachusetts Web Designs ongoing "Giving Back" Program we have recently teamed with the Ruby Roger's Center to develop a online marketing platform and website for this great organization. The Ruby Roger's Center, located in Somerville Massachusetts, provides mental health services and support to patients who are dissatisfied with other mental health services or do not qualify for them. They describe themselves as "A social club and support center run for and by ...

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  • Developing a usable corporate intranet site

    Intranet Design is as important if not more important for some companies - as their Intranet serves as their employee's hub for information. Everything from health benefits, corporate events, stock information, presidents messages, etc can flow on a corporate intranet homepage as its all considered "important information" for the employee. Unfortunately, what happens when everything is "important" is that nothing stands out. When everything is bold and in your ...

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  • 5 Simple Tasks to Improve Your Website in the New Year

    Happy New Year! As you're busy making plans and resolutions for the new year it may also be a good time to make some resolutions for your website and online market presence as well. Below are five easy things to do to your site to get it ready for 2013! 1) Read Your Site! When was the last time that you went through your site and read through it? Is the ...

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