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Tampa FL Web Design Testimonial – AuditSense

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About 2 years ago we wanted some modifications done to our website (www.auditsense) and after two failed attempts with other website development companies we found Ryan DesRoches from Massachusetts Web Design who was instrumental in allowing us to achieve this objective. He provided us an accurate quote in the beginning of the project and did not bill us any additional amounts even though due to our actions went outside of scope several times. He added a ton of value to the entire process and was open in sharing with us what would and would not work from a design and website layout viewpoint. In addition, he kept us on updated and on track during the entire process which is not an easy thing to do in light of my travel schedule. We have received many compliments from our clients and we now have a website which we are proud of. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who has a desire to have a high quality website.

– Chuck Manganiello, CPA
AuditSense, LLC – Tampa, FL

About Ryan

Ryan has been developing and designing websites for over ten years, and has worked as a senior developer, web marketing consultant, and technical lead for a number of corporations and institutions before starting Massachusetts Web Designs. Earning a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Assumption College and a master’s degree in Visual Media Arts and New Media from Emerson College, Ryan brings with him a unique background in software engineering and visual media arts that sets him apart from most web designers and developers.

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